Need a little help to determine if AirSembly is right for your cloud business?

Here are a few common use cases for AirSembly, straight from our service provider partners.

The White Glove Account

Offering of white glove service to customers is perhaps the most common business model among our service provider partners.

Excellent customer service can be a big contributor to success, but there are also challenges associated with a high-touch business model.

Download the White Glove Account use case to see how AirSembly can help you deliver the white glove service in a way that is more efficient and less resource intensive.

Self-Serve Cloud

Several of our service provider partners have built successful cloud businesses using a low-touch model, which works incredibly well for customers who fall into the do-it-yourself (DIY) category.

Download the Self-Serve Cloud use case to see how AirSembly delivers for the cloud provider and their customers in a lower-touch, do-it-yourself business model.

Channel Partner Enablement

One of the primary reasons cloud service providers choose to work with channel partners is because their area of expertise lies somewhere other than in sales.

Download the Channel Partner Enablement use case to see how AirSembly makes it easier for your channel partners to resell your cloud services.

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