Unlock New Sources of Revenue

AirSembly opens up new revenue opportunities for your cloud services business.

Customers can order on-demand

With the self-serve marketplace, customers can order new services when they’ve consumed current resources, or wish to add new services. Orders for new VMs are provisioned automatically, providing incremental revenue on top of existing agreements.

Create service bundles with XaaS

Use our XaaS features to sell your own products along with your VMware offerings. Create value-added bundles that offer customers everything they need in one package.

Reach new markets through channel partners

Scaling through the channel is an excellent way to increase your revenue. Approximately 80% of all cloud services are currently sold through channel partners. Reach new customers and markets faster, increasing your revenue in the process.

Shorten time to revenue.

Gain billing days every month, on every order.

Here’s an example:

The traditional sales and order fulfillment cycle for cloud services can take 5 business days. AirSembly’s automated provisioning reduces the entire cycle to two days or less. You gain 3 billing days for every VM ordered.

Once a customer confirms an order, the provisioning and billing process is automated, and you can begin billing immediately. That’s a 60% improvement in your time to revenue.

Efficiency Calculator

Billing Days Gained : 15.0

Total Gained Revenue : $120.00