AirSembly has 3 core components: a marketplace storefront, billing & chargeback, and automation & provisioning – all supporting multi-tier cloud distribution.

Combined, these features enable you to quickly bring your cloud services to market through any type of distribution model.

Marketplace Storefront

Customize and brand your cloud product catalogue for any service, at any interval, private as well as public clouds, and also for individual sales channels and customers. Your customers can order cloud services on-demand with our self-serve marketplace on any device.

Billing & Chargeback

Automate billing and chargeback for each level in the distribution channel, for all types of cloud services. Multiple credit card and invoicing options are available, including automatic invoicing. Multi-language, multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional tax support are also included.

Automation & Provisioning

Integrate your cloud services into your existing business workflows and track and report your critical sales information at all levels in the sales channel. IaaS provisioning for VMware is fully automated for virtual machines, network and firewall. Other products can be manually provisioned.

  • "AirSembly delivers for your customers and your organization, empowering your complete cloud business."

    Joshua Vautour
    Joshua VautourFounder

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