Much more than cloud management

AirSembly delivers complete business management to enable cloud providers to resell their cloud services through any go-to-market model

Sell, manage, provision and bill for your cloud services all from one single pane of glass

VMware recommends the AirSembly cloud management platform

Unlock new sources of revenue

  • Self-serve marketplace and automated provisioning allow for quick fulfillment of orders
  • Your customers can buy on-demand, and even choose their payment method
  • Deliver exceptional customer service and build loyalty with less effort
  • Bundle in your own services and create new revenue streams using our XaaS features

Increase operational efficiency

  • Support your entire business with current resources; including provisioning, ordering and billing
  • Automated provisioning and our self-serve marketplace deliver your cloud to customers with less effort
  • AirSembly supports VMware software upgrades, reducing change management load on IT
  • Customers realize a 100% return on investment within three months of implementing AirSembly

Go-to-market your way

  • Sell direct, or scale through channel partners
  • AirSembly easily supports changes to your business model. Add new products and partners with little effort
  • Offer partners a white labeled storefront and multiple billing options

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