Increase Operational Efficiency

Partners realize a 100% return on investment within three months of implementing AirSembly.

Support your business with current resources

With AirSembly you don’t need additional staff to support the platform, and your team will spend less time on VMware based support.

Automated provisioning eliminates the traditional, manual process – reducing order fulfillment times down to mere minutes. New resources are provisioned with the requested settings, and with billing and chargeback capabilities integrated as part of the process.

Customers have a self-serve marketplace

AirSembly offers a self-serve marketplace so customers can order new services on-demand. Self-serve orders require very little involvement from your staff, increasing your margin on each order.

Customers can also self-manage their VMs, further reducing support costs. Your team will have more time for high priority IT-related business items.

Here’s an example of an operational cost savings model, and a calculator to estimate your own cost savings.

If the cost of an IT person is $100k/year:

  • Assuming 15% of their time is spent on VMware change management, custom quote support and service order support
  • And another 50% of their time is for manual provisioning of VDCs and VMs.
  • Their total VMware related time is 65%, or $65k of their salary.
  • AirSembly reduces their VMware related time by 90% – down to just 6.5% in our example.
Efficiency Calculator


Salary that can be reallocated to other tasks :