When AirVM was just an IaaS provider, we tried to develop tools that would help our customers to access and purchase services without any help. Our original automated provisioning system from 2009-2010 turned out to be so easy to use, our customers almost never interacted with us at all! Not so good for building a customer relationship, but great when you have a small employee count like we did back then!

The AirSembly platform was built by service providers to make their lives easier, but we always had the end-customer in mind. Provider-focused features like automated provisioning, metering and chargeback were all present from the very beginning, as was the ability for customers to self-service, order and pay bills without any involvement from the Service Provider. It wasn’t until much later that we noticed there was actually a lot of demand for “white-glove” services, where the end-customer would have almost no direct interaction with the platform. Without knowing it we’d actually made the perfect platform for customers to consume resources without understanding the infrastructure.

What are the advantages of a white-glove system? For starters, your client gets a full-service experience without having to invest in learning the infrastructure or take time away from working on their main concern the server or the application. This can set you apart from your competitors who don’t offer such comprehensive customer care. You can also charge a premium for these services, giving you added revenue opportunities.

Managing your customers goes beyond simple uptime and connectivity. Without a good platform, ordering products can take longer than provisioning the actual infrastructure. Simply providing a quote for a customer can take valuable time away from your expensive IT staff. What’s worse is doing estimates manually on a per-case basis. This can inconsistencies in your product offerings and your pricing. The solution is a centralized platform that can do standardized quotes with standardized pricing.

AirSembly can even spare your senior IT staff from the small day-to-day tasks that would otherwise clog their schedule. Since the platform is so easy to use, junior/intermediary staff can be trained to do these minor tasks right in AirSembly. This leaves your experienced team members free to work on more important tasks and developing new products. Our platform helps you work smarter, not harder.

The advantages of an automated self-service portal go far beyond simple customer convenience. By utilizing a white-glove service approach, you can increase your customer service, streamline your ordering and pricing, and save your IT staff time by sparing them from repetitive menial workloads. AirSembly can completely transform your business, even if your customers never even see the login screen.

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