As a new product moves from being innovative to being a simple everyday commodity, prices for most products naturally come down. Unfortunately more than any other sector, once something becomes ubiquitous in IT, prices seem to come crashing down. Take the price of storage, for instance: over just the last 20 years it has dropped 10,000% – from about $1,000 per GB to under 10 cents. What other industry suffers that kind of price decrease in such a short period of time? When it rains in cloud computing, it pours.

The large cloud providers have been consistently decreasing their prices for the past five years for everything from storage to bandwidth to technical support. These trends indicate that cloud services is approaching the oft-reviled tag of “commodity market”. Despite this, customers consistently say that the highest driver behind their purchase decision is actually not price. It’s actually all about high-value and value-add services, a shorter sales cycle, and greater responsiveness/agility among service offerings. As margins decrease it’s becoming increasingly important to focus on better value.

You don’t want to be the cheaper option,
you want to be the better option.

When offering the same sorts of services on the same cloud platform, it’s inevitable that price will become the only distinguishing factor. In order to stand above the competition, cloud providers must be able to offer better value to their customers. Using a cloud management platform that allows quick and easy bundling is key to remaining agile and adaptable. With AirSembly’s XaaS solution, you can create virtually any product or service you need to make sure your customers have access to the unique and valuable services that only you can offer.

Having unique products won’t make any difference if you can’t get them to market in time. This is where AirSembly leads the way in cloud management. Our platform is proven to get service offerings to market faster than many other platforms can hope to offer. You don’t need extra staff or trained specialists to support the platform, and services created show up in the customer self-service portal instantly, ready to be purchased. There’s no faster way to get your cloud services to market than with AirSembly.

Using a centralized cloud management system also leads to more responsive customer service. This leads to greater retention and satisfaction for your customers, especially when they are able to do things like self-service with automated provisioning. Customers quickly tire of having to call or email someone whenever they have the smallest issue. A platform like AirSembly allows for dozens of functions to be performed at the user’s leisure, giving them a greater sense of power and purpose in managing their own services.

The cloud management industry is evolving fast, and there is still great opportunity for providers to expand their reach without having to resort to simply cutting prices. While prices are consistently falling throughout the spectrum of cloud services available today, the truly successful providers are adding value, shortening their sales cycles, and becoming ever more responsive to the needs of their customers. AirSembly can help you get out of the race to the bottom and we’d be happy to show you how to run a better path to success.

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