In today’s evolving cloud services market, businesses need every advantage possible. When choosing a cloud management platform, it’s important to remember the most important audience: Your customers! With all the technological demands of today’s complex cloud infrastructures, one might lose sight of the fact that without customers you don’t have a business at all. AirSembly was built by people who were in the business of selling cloud servers; all of the features and functions are geared towards making money. Things like a self-service portal, billing and chargeback, and white-label branding are all built with one thing in mind: Making it easier for your customers to spend money on your cloud services.

The Self-Service Portal

Today one of the largest costs in IT is the time it takes for people to set up and provision cloud services. With some businesses still getting quotes from an Excel spreadsheet, it’s not hard to see why this is the case. A self-service portal can be a great time-saving tool to reduce service costs within your business. Your whole channel can conduct its business with minimal time investment. You can set up your portal to support automated provisioning of services, which can further reduce the word required by your internal team.

Efficiencies will ripple through your organization, up and down the channel. Orders are fulfilled quicker, and with billing and chargeback integrated you can save even more operational and support costs. You don’t need to have extra IT resources on hand, and the sales team can place orders on behalf of the customer with no involvement from IT. All this automation leads to savings for you and better service to your customers. The convenience and rapid fulfilment easily translates into higher customer satisfaction and higher profit margins.

Billing and Chargeback

Whether selling direct or going through channel partners, collecting payment for consumption of cloud services is a necessary part of running your business. You need to be able to collect accurate consumption data of the services being consumed, and you need to be able to offer multiple payment types, especially if your business is dealing with several currencies in different countries. AirSembly includes all the billing and chargeback features to fully support the financial aspects of your business.

With detailed usage reports, you can see what your customers are consuming. All of this feeds seamlessly into the billing system to ensure your invoices are complete and accurate. Your channel partners can also take advantage of this feature, which means they can get to market faster. You can expand your reach as far and wide as you want, with AirSembly supporting multiple currencies and tax jurisdictions. AirSembly supports pre-pay with a credit card, or post-pay with an invoice.

White-label Branding

AirSembly allows branding of all of the customer-facing portals, keeping your public-facing entities consistent with your corporate branding guidelines. You can quickly add your logo and custom colour scheme as well as your corporate web font. If you want you can even add your own custom CSS as well as a custom HTML header and footer to the interface. This means you can bring the look of the management portal in line with your other corporate web properties.

Creating a unified look throughout your entire customer’s experience is critical to creating trust between the two parties. Something as simple as a white-labeled storefront can make all the difference in the client’s decision to purchase or not. Other cloud management platforms promise to make the lives of your IT staff brighter, but they rarely go the extra mile to make sure that your brand standards are uniformly applied to any public-facing web portals. AirSembly gives you the power to completely transform the look of our interface, giving you a competitive edge over other cloud service providers.

Don’t forget about your end customers! In a world of escalating technical demands, it’s important to remember that happy customers are what keep you in business in the first place. Saving time is as good as saving money, and AirSembly has the tools to save you both! Provision and automate services through our self-serve portal, meter and invoice everyone in your channel from a single pane of glass, brand your storefront to increase your brand awareness and keep your public-facing properties consistent.

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