In our last post, we talked about the cost savings that our platform can bring to the table. In addition to reduced costs, AirSembly has many ways of generating additional revenue for your business. In the second of a two-part series, we want to cover the hidden revenue opportunities of the AirSembly cloud management platform.

Fast and easy customer service

In a traditional cloud business, customers cannot directly make changes to their resources. A request has to go through the support queue, or even the sales queue! This can add hours or even days to make even the simplest of modifications. With AirSembly, the customer can add resources in other datacenters and add services outside of VMware without having to take valuable time away from your team. If the customer is not interested in self-service, your in-house support team can still take advantage of AirSembly’s many automation features, provisioning resources for the customer in less than 1/10th the time. Does your current billing system capture pro-rations on purchased services? Most don’t, but AirSembly does. Minutes are dollars in a MRR business, and every minute that can be reduced puts dollars in your pocket. Over time this can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Capture missing revenue

With hundreds of tickets coming into the support queue, can you really be certain that your engineers are notifying sales or accounting for every change? Each time they load an antivirus client, add an additional public IP, increase the bandwidth on a vShield edge, or add 2 gig to a server there’s a good chance this new revenue won’t go recorded because “the customer needs it now”. Every service provider that doesn’t use AirSembly has this type of revenue slippage. In one case, the CIO of a service provider that is in the process of migrating found over $5,000 of missing MRR in a single customer’s account! With AirSembly, add-ons must be purchased from the store and worked from the order management module. There is no chance of missing any revenue opportunities with our integrated cloud management solution. Some customers have recovered tens of thousands of dollars of hidden revenue. The customers were being served, but not charged!

Storefront, Storefront, and Storefront

Over 50% of customers self-service today. The best way to sell customers additional services is to put it right in front of them. Normally you would hire a large sales team who will spend hours detailing all of your service offerings on the phone of over email. This is an expensive and time-consuming operation. There is no cheaper more effective way of getting the many great things you sell in front of your customers every single day than the AirSembly storefront. A simple, branded marketplace that showcases all of your service offerings in one place, with large, detailed product pages. Your customers can get all the information they need without having to use valuable human resources. They can order, configure, and even reconfigure products right from the AirSembly storefront. This frees up your team for other priorities, and your customers have instant access 24/7/365.

Give your sales staff a reason to contact your customers

Implementing AirSembly will give your sales team a reason to call your customers. They can show them that you are investing in ways that immediately benefit them. The customer can’t see fancy network switches or solid state SANs, but they can see a modern platform that automates many of their tasks and is very easy to use. Your sales people can off their clients some free training and in doing so they can show them all the items in the store. Chances are there are services in the store that the customer didn’t even know about. Customers are notoriously difficult to reach when they think they are being sold. Training is a good disguise for sales with a positive customer satisfaction component. Giving customers “training” on AirSembly will also increase the number of self service customers driving your cost down even more.

These are just some of the benefits to importing your current customers. You also have all the added benefits of customer acquisition, sales quoting, and opening new growth markets such as channel. For more information on these and many other features and benefits of AirSembly, please contact our sales team.

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