There are a number of soft costs and some real revenue opportunities that can easily outpace just about any AirSembly costs you could accrue. If you are considering a cloud management platform for your business, it is important to consider all the ways it can benefit your business. In the first of a two-part series, let’s talk about reducing your hidden operational costs….

Reduce of support costs

Operational efficiency is critical to the success of any business. Support costs can quickly add up, especially when you are doing everything manually.

Let’s say you have an environment with multiple vCloud directors, multiple vCenters, disparate hardware configurations, etc. This complex environment is difficult for entry level technical support staff to grasp and remember. When the support center gets a call, they have to look in multiple places and get acclimated with where the virtual machine lives and its network configuration. Your support personnel require administrative access to vCloud which increases the risk to other customers during a support ticket. There are hours and hours of wasted time navigating your current environment along with unnecessary escalations to your expensive high level engineers.

Importing ALL locations into AirSembly unifies the platform that the support staff utilize into a single pane of glass. When they log into a customer they see all the customers’ resources and XaaS purchases, regardless of location. The support staff can easily see if the customer has backup, anti-virus or other of your high margin add-on’s when they interact with customers.

Using a conservative estimate, integrating your cloud business with AirSembly could save you $1,000 per month savings on escalations alone.

Reduce of inbound service tickets

In another scenario, let’s say half of your customers self-service. Currently, you are asking them to login to multiple vCloud Directors to support themselves. As we all know, vCloud Director’s interface is poor at best and requires specific browser configurations to work properly. Once the customer is logged in, they must navigate and properly modify the items they are trying to change. The process is prone to error and can generate as many tickets as if you had no self-service at all! This is why a lot of businesses are entirely white-glove services. Can you really scale your business when you have to hold every customer’s hand for even simple management tasks?

With AirSembly, your customer gets a SINGLE professional branded platform to interact with. They can see their resources in every datacenter including a simplified firewall and VPN config. They can do this all from their iPad with AirSembly’s modern responsive HTML5 front-end. If AirSembly does nothing else but reduce inbound service tickets by 10% and increase customer satisfaction it will be a huge win for your business. Partners have commented that they see a 10–20% overall reduction in service ticket volume after implementing AirSembly.

At 20% you can consider staff reduction or increase your service hours and keep the staff level for an extended period of time. A conservative estimate could have you saving over $5,000 per month on in-house support staff costs.

Reduce the inbound questions about billing

Currently you may have self-service for your customers, but no real-time opportunity to understand if they are incurring additional costs or moving outside their contracted commitments. Perhaps when you set their support costs you anticipated they would have 15 servers, but now they have 25 servers. Who tells the customer their support contract doubled? What about the resources they accrued building their new services? Inside sales reps can claim they have a handle on what their customers do, however we know the reality that very little is caught and the customer is likely to get an unwelcome surprise. This can result in very unhappy customers and possibly loss of the entire business.

With AirSembly, your customer can see in real-time the cost of adding additional resources. You can build XaaS products to clearly state that it covers a specific number of servers and give them the opportunity to add additional support hours to their account right there on the fly. The customer never wonders why their bill went up and you don’t have to credit customers to keep them happy. They see every accrued cost in real-time as their service needs change, without having to distract your sales people with simple billing questions.

Like the scenario of reducing in-bound service tickets, you could easily save thousands of dollars a month using AirSembly’s comprehensive billing functionality.

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