Not sure if AirSembly is the platform for your cloud business? We have detailed three of the most common use cases on our website. Here are three of the most common business scenarios we handle:

White Glove Account

Do you do everything for your clients? Do you need to track usage and bill clients for the resources consumed? AirSembly adds transparency for your clients by allowing them to log in to their own branded portal to view their own consumption. Services in AirSembly are automatically provisioned, saving you time in the ordering process. Click here for more details.

Self-Service Cloud

Is your IT team too small to focus on all the numerous aspects of automation and provisioning? If you just want to put your efforts into improving your infrastructure and not the day-to-day menial tasks, AirSembly can streamline your entire operation. Automate provisioning, billing and allow customers an easy way to order what they need without diverting the attention of your IT staff. Click here for more details.

Channel Partners

What if you’d rather just have other people sell your cloud services in the channel. Enabling channel parters in AirSembly gives you the ability to onboard new clients quickly and efficiently. All of the benefits you experience in AirSembly are available to your channel parters – from automated provisioning to a fully branded storefront. Click here for more details.

Do you have a unique or complex requirement for your VMware infrastructure? AirSembly has many, many solutions that can fit almost any business model. Contact us to find out if AirSembly is the cloud management platform for you.

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