When you sign a new customer for your cloud services business, your first concern is to provide them with a smooth transition to your cloud. It helps them get comfortable with the cloud and it also strengthens your business relationship. A successful onboarding, along with ongoing service and support, helps to make your new customer a loyal one. 

At AirVM we are focused on providing the same experience for our cloud service provider partners. We are not unique in this approach, but we believe we are uniquely positioned because of our early history as an IaaS provider. Our history, which led to the creation of AirSembly, and feedback from long-time partners has helped us shape both the platform and our partner success mindset.  

We work to provide partners with all the elements needed to be successful with AirSembly as their cloud management platform. We’ve designed the platform to help manage your business from end-to-end, so it’s only fitting that we have people to support your end-to-end experience. 

Working Together for You

Here is an overview of who will be supporting you once you’re an AirVM partner.

Customer Operations – This is our front line team, ready to field support questions, troubleshoot issues, help you with the initial installation of AirSembly, and more. They, along with our technical writers, are also the authors and keepers of our extensive knowledge base.  

Partner Success – Our partner success team will assist you in getting AirSembly into production so you can use the platform to its fullest potential. These folks are your AirSembly tour guides, making sure you are familiar with all of AirSembly’s features, functionality, and what your best path to production should be. 

Marketing – Closely tied to the Partner Success team, our marketing team can help you message the benefits of AirSembly to your customers and channel partners. They have assets ready for you to use, and will also work with you on a new brochure or presentation if needed.  Also, if you’d like to do a press release with AirVM this is the team to do it.

That’s Not Everyone…

Our product management and development teams continue to implement features to help you do business more efficiently. They are tuned in to today’s service provider business and the latest cloud technology, and they use that knowledge, plus feedback from current partners, to deliver innovation with each release.

Not sure who to contact with your inquiry? Start with our partner success team and they will make sure you get to the right people.   

We Succeed When You Do

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that AirSembly enables you to deliver cloud services to your customers and channel partners more quickly and efficiently, and without putting a strain on your operations. If you have happy customers and a happy IT team, then we’re doing our job.

New to AirVM?

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