Netherlands-based Fundaments believes the perfect cloud can be built for everyone. They provide customers the “building blocks” for IaaS in the cloud, and then let them create a customized cloud to meet individual requirements.

AirVM and Fundaments are long-time partners, and we recently collaborated on a case study regarding their use of AirSembly as a cloud management platform. Fundaments believes in empowering customers, and recognized AirSembly’s potential to simplify the vCloud Director experience for customers, delivering increased efficiency in the process.


Improved Onboarding Experience. Customers need significantly less time to become familiar with managing their cloud. The platform simplifies the experience vs. working directly in vCloud Director.

Reduced Support Requests. The ease of use, and the ability to perform many tasks independently, have reduced support requests enough to save the hiring of an additional support person.

Enabling MSP Partners. Through AirSembly Fundaments is able to offer a white-labeled, turnkey selling platform to MSP partners, allowing them to begin selling quickly.

The full case study is available here.

Learn more about Fundaments here.

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