The value of a product or service is often tied to efficiency, cost savings or revenue. These are at the heart of every business, so it makes sense that they stand as the main drivers of value. The cloud offers enterprises the potential to hit all of these drivers, which is why the migration to the cloud continues in ever-increasing numbers.

The cloud is great, but not exactly intuitive.

For all of its benefits, the cloud can be complex, requiring certifications that are attained after many hours of training. VMware cloud providers understand this and have VMware certified team members, but they cannot expect customers to have the same. This can stretch the provider’s IT team, and particularly their VMware-certified staff.

To compensate for a customer’s lack of in-house knowledge, providers can either add more staff to meet support demands, offer basic VMware training to customers, or find a way introduce simplicity into the cloud. Customers still want a measure of control, so providers need to offer them something.

With AirSembly, the cloud becomes accessible.

Think of automobiles as the perfect analogy for the value of simplicity in the cloud. Your customers can learn to drive much more quickly than they can learn to repair an engine. Driving takes much less training, while becoming a mechanic requires significantly more training and effort.

With AirSembly customers can drive their VMware cloud without having to become a mechanic. A provider can give customers access to AirSembly, show them the basics, and let them work in their cloud environment with very little ramp up.

Simplicity benefits everyone.

For providers AirSembly shortens the customer learning curve and reduces the amount of time spent on support requests. Our intuitive UI makes it easy for customers to navigate to their cloud, and the self-management functionality gives them the ability to work with VMs and vDCs without having to fully understand vCenter or vCloud Director.  When they need to order new services, the self-serve marketplace makes it quick and easy, and automated provisioning means orders are fulfilled in minutes, again without involvement from the provider.

Ready to reduce cloud complexity for your customers?

If you’re not already using AirSembly, and you’d like to learn about how our cloud management platform makes the cloud “drivable” for your customers, while reducing support requests in the process, then contact us today.  We look forward to talking with you!




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