We often talk about go to market flexibility with AirSembly – usually when discussing the choice to sell direct or through the channel. However, the flexibility offered by the platform extends further into the sales process. One of the AirSembly features that has proven popular with our service provider partners is web signups.

An Efficient Sales Option

Web signup is an easy way to add customers for your cloud services. Once web signups are enabled, prospective customers can access your client marketplace and sign up for cloud services through your storefront via credit card.

If you sell through channel partners, you can enable public web signup for them in the Partner portal, making it even easier for them to bring in new customers when reselling your cloud.

Web signups present you with another acquisition strategy, one that can stand alone or be complimentary to the efforts of your own sales team or those of your channel partners.

Easy for Customers To Get Started

With web signups have been enabled, prospective customers can browse your product marketplace without already having a user account.  By clicking on “Add Service” at the bottom left of the login screen customers can browse products with guest access.


AirSembly Client Management Login screen


As they browse your marketplace, they can click the  “+” button on any product to take them to the configuration page.


AirSembly Client Product Marketplace UI


As customers move the sliders to configure the desired product to their specifications the cost will automatically adjust.


AirSembly Configure Product UI


Once configured they can go to the checkout page, and it’s here that they will go through the process of creating their account, adding a credit card, etc.


AirSembly Order Summary page


One other handy tool for pre-paid customers is the ability to set thresholds to automatically top up their account when their balance reaches the pre-set threshold.


AirSembly Pre-paid settings UI


If you intend to allow web signup, we recommend that your customer accounts be set up for pre-payment. You will also need to have a payment gateway in place for credit card transactions. Both of these are easily set up through the Billing Options and Credit Card Settings sections in the Partner Settings window.

That’s It!

Web signup doesn’t take long to configure, and for new customers it’s a quick and easy path to getting started. And of course all VMware based services are automatically provisioned once ordered, meaning your new customers will be up and running quickly.

Looking for a Cloud Management Platform?

If you’re a VMware vCloud Air Network service provider, and are considering a cloud management platform to help resell your cloud services, we invite you to contact us.  Web signup is one of several ways we can help you go to market in the manner that’s best for your business goals.  Let’s talk!

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