You may already know that AirSembly offers cloud providers the ability to sell their own products and services in the same marketplace as their VMware offerings. We call this our XaaS, or anything-as-a-service feature. In AirSembly an XaaS product can be any type of non-VM product – software licenses, DRaaS, professional services, or even physically shipped products.

While XaaS represents the chance to generate additional revenue, there is a larger opportunity at play for cloud providers. The XaaS feature allows you to demonstrate your expertise in creating the right cloud environment, and it simplifies the selling/purchasing process.

The CSP as an Advisor

Many potential customers will be new to the cloud. The experience of exploring cloud options for the first time can be compared to the early days of shopping for laptop computers.  People understood the value of a laptop (mobility), but they needed an expert to help them choose one to meet current and future needs.

It’s the same for cloud – enterprises understand the value (cost savings, scalability), but they may not know what they need in their cloud environment to meet current and future business requirements.

Cloud providers are uniquely positioned as experts and trusted advisors, and this is a great opportunity to guide new customers during their transition to the cloud. By understanding the customer requirements you can be sure to create the right environment. Your own products and services play an important role, and this is where AirSembly’s XaaS feature can assist you in the process.

The Benefits of the Bundle

Bundling not only leads to greater sales of your XaaS products, it creates a simplified offering for cloud customers. Bundles give you the opportunity to combine the right mix of your VMware and XaaS products to meet the requirements of everyone from the newcomer to your most sophisticated clients.

Bundles also simplify the sales process, leading to greater efficiency in selling to, and onboarding new customers. Instead of presenting a product catalogue full of separate options, which can lengthen the sales process, it’s much more efficient to offer three or four bundle choices. This will be less overwhelming for customers, and they will appreciate the simplified process.

Quick and Easy

It takes very little time and effort to configure an XaaS product in AirSembly and make it available in the marketplace – either separately or in a bundle.

When configuring a new XaaS product there are a few less fields to complete than if configuring a VM.


XaaS configuration screen


Once you have entered the information, click create to move onto the Product Modify screen.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.52.07 PM


Where Virtual Machine profiles contain resource costs, XaaS product are purely custom and can contain any number of possible items. In this case the XaaS profile was created to sell Antivirus. XaaS products can be monthly/hourly charges or one-time charges.

If you sell through the channel, distributors can add mark-up to existing XaaS products, or make their own available by creating them in the distributor marketplace.

New to AirSembly?

If you’re a cloud provider and are not using AirSembly to resell your VMware and XaaS products and services, we invite you to contact us today. Let’s discuss your cloud business and how AirSembly makes it easy to sell, manage, provision and bill for cloud services.

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