Remember the “please allow 4-6- weeks for delivery” message? Those days are mostly behind us, as are the days when all that mattered was satisfaction with the product once it was delivered. Today the speed at which anything (physical or digital) can be delivered is now part of how customers perceive overall quality.

Delay in receiving an order lowers the impression of the product or service in the eyes of the customer, which in turn affects their view of the company from which they purchased.

An Integrated Experience

The quality of the actual product or service still matters of course, but any dissatisfaction in the ordering and fulfillment process is no longer separated. Browse the reviews on any popular consumer site and you might be surprised to see how often fast delivery is mentioned. Speed has become a key influencer in the review of the overall purchase experience.

Implications for Cloud Providers

Cloud service providers live in a digital world, but here too speed at which services are delivered is becoming a measure of overall quality. Infrastructure, support, and service offerings are still of utmost importance, but if it takes days for a service to be provisioned and brought online then it can impact the customer’s business and reflect negatively on the provider.

Cloud providers must rise to meet changing customer expectations without putting a strain on operational resources. To do so usually involves hiring more staff or finding operational efficiencies in the ordering and delivery of services.

The latter keeps the overall cost of doing business lower, thus improving profit margins. This means looking for ways to automate the ordering and provisioning process, and to offer self-service to customers. Combined they achieve the desired efficiency, reducing the load on current staff and improving speed of delivery.  As an added benefit cloud providers can begin billing for a new service more quickly and with higher margins.

AirSembly – Efficiency Across the Business

AirSembly, our complete cloud management platform, not only delivers automated provisioning and a self-serve marketplace for customers to order on-demand, it also features a fully integrated billing system and self-management capabilities for customers.

The core components and features of AirSembly are there to improve efficiency for the cloud provider from end-to-end, getting cloud services to market faster with current staff resources.  Providers gain efficiencies in the sales and order fulfillment process, achieve added efficiencies in finance, and reduce support requests thanks to the self-management features.

The end result is a higher level of customer service and increased scale, all without increased operational costs.

Ready to Improve Speed of Delivery?

We know our service provider partners pride themselves on their customer service, and we also know that AirSembly has helped set the bar even higher while improving revenue and keeping costs in line. Contact us today to discuss your cloud business to see if we can do the same for you.

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