Crowd at WHD Global

Photo by Willem van Engeland

Last week the AirVM team travelled to Europa Park in Rust, Germany to attend World Hosting Days, also known as This was our first time as a gold sponsor for the event, so we were eager to see what the week would hold.

As a co-sponsor with VMware, we shared a booth at the Hosting Fair. Our deep integration with VMware is well documented, so this was a great opportunity to tell our “better together” story.  As the week progressed we found that service providers who dropped by the booth looking for either VMware or AirVM often ended up talking to both of us, and the partnership story resonated very well.

AirVM and VMware On Stage

On day one, our Founder Josh shared the stage with Graham Crich from VMware in the main conference forum. Graham spoke about VMware’s 4 IT Business Imperatives and the benefits for service providers, and Josh offered a view into how AirSembly combines with VMware to enable cloud providers to sell, manage, provision and bill for their cloud services. Based on the increased visits to the booth afterwards, the message was a strong one.


VMware and AirVM presenting at WHD

Photo by Willem van Engeland


Day 2 and 3 were very busy, with AirSembly demos happening continuously. We had providers from as far away as Argentina stop by to talk to us. Of course it wasn’t all work, we were giving away some great prizes and our colleagues from VMware helped to make each draw a show!


Drawing for prizes at the VMware/AirVM booth.

Photo by Willem van Engeland

A big thank you to our colleagues from VMware EMEA, and of course thank you to attendees and organizers. We enjoyed the venue, the conversations, the hospitality, and the spirit of German football fans as we watched FC Bayern Munich vs. Juventus at a sports bar one evening.

It was a successful week, and one we won’t soon forget.  Danke Deutschland!!

Not familiar with the AirVM/VMware story?

If you’re a VMware vCloud Air Network service provider and you’d like to know more about how AirSembly can help you resell and deliver your cloud services more quickly and efficiently, please check out our Better Together story. And of course, contact us any time for more information.


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