As we continue to work with our service provider partners, we gain a deeper understanding of their business as a whole. One thing we’ve discovered is that it can take awhile for them to learn how to position AirSembly within their business messaging.

In other words, communicating the benefits of the platform to existing customers (up sell), and using those benefits to attract new customers, is a learning process. This is completely understandable, especially for those providers whose specialties are more on the technical side of the business.

We Are Here to Help

We believe that our partnership with cloud providers extends beyond the platform. We succeed when our partners succeed, and they succeed when their customers are happy with both their cloud and the level of service they receive.

AirSembly helps providers deliver on both counts, and we can definitely provide assistance with the messaging. With that in mind, here is a summary of the benefits of AirSembly for customers and channel partners.

For Your Customers

On Demand Ordering – With the self-serve client marketplace, clients can log in and order products and services any time. Your cloud is open for business 24 hours a day.

Fast Order Fulfillment – With the platform’s automated provisioning, new VMware based services can be live within minutes of an order being placed. There are no interruptions to business operations due to a lack of resources, once a VM or vDC has been ordered the provisioning process begins immediately.

Control in the Cloud – The client dashboard allows your clients to view consumption metrics so they know when it’s time to order new resources. They can monitor performance as well as manage VMs, VDCs and other resources.

Access Anywhere – The web-based UI features a responsive design for access on multiple browsers on PC, smartphone or tablet. Clients can manage their cloud environment, and even purchase new resources no matter where they are.

For Channel Partners

Branding – The platform features a fully customizable, white-labelled UI that can be branded and customized very quickly. Partners can add their company name, logo and colors to represent their business to customers for a smooth, consistent experience.

Begin Selling Quickly – Partners can be selling cloud services the same day they sign on. Your suite of products will already be available in the cloud marketplace, and the platform includes a billing engine so they don’t need one of their own.

Flexibility – Partners can add their own products and services to the existing catalog to increase revenue. They can set pricing, billing and payment options, and the platform supports multiple currencies if they wish to do business internationally.

No Additional Resources Required – The platform’s self-serve marketplace and automated provisioning, as well as the included self management tools for customers, allow channel partners to focus on building their business without adding technical or administrative resources.

Need Additional Resources?

The above summary is a good start, but we have a number of resources available for your messaging and sales efforts. If you feel you need something more, send your request through to and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Not an AirVM Service Provider Partner?

If you’re not currently one of our partners, and are searching for a cloud management platform to scale your cloud business, we hope this helps you understand the opportunity that AirSembly presents. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how AirSembly can enable and manage your cloud business end-to-end.


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