Cloud service providers who have come to us looking for a cloud management platform are often looking to become more efficient in delivering cloud services. Reducing the complexity of billing for products and services is one of their biggest challenges.

The logistics of collecting consumption data, translating data into invoices, sending them off to clients, dealing with billing issues, etc. can be very time consuming and costly.

Consider just a few of the challenges that go with billing:

  • Collection of accurate consumption and billing data for each client
  • Automation capabilities to reduce the manual work of producing and sending invoices
  • Invoicing hundreds of customers for any number of different product and service combinations
  • Different billing increments on the same invoice – monthly fees, pay-per-use, one time costs

The revenue cycle begins with product delivery and excellent customer service, but it ends successfully with revenue collection, making the right billing and chargeback system vital to the success of a provider’s cloud business.

AirSembly Delivers Efficiency

We often talk about our cloud management platform for it’s advantages in delivering your cloud to customers more quickly through the self-serve marketplace and automated provisioning.  These are very important for giving customers the best possible experience, but for your business the included billing and chargeback capabilities tie everything together.

We have several service provider partners for whom billing and chargeback was the main reason for choosing AirSembly. Yes, they had every intention to roll out the other features of the platform, but their immediate need was billing and chargeback.

Readily Available Consumption Metrics

At the Provider level of the AirSembly platform, usage reports are easy to access.  You can export these reports in to CSV to view hourly usage for VMs, vDCs and XaaS products.


Resource Usage Window


Automatic Invoicing

Providers can enable invoices to be sent to customers, or channel partners if applicable. Invoices are customizable so that providers can add their logo, and detailed terms and conditions.


Provider Invoice Settings Section

Integrates Easily

If a billing system is already in place, providers can feed AirSembly’s billing and usage data into the existing system via AirSembly’s RESTful APIs.

Offers Transparency

The client portal within AirSembly offers customers a full view into their consumption metrics. Usage reports are readily available, making it much easier for customers to be aware of their costs for the month so billing issues are less likely to arise.

If a customer wants to check their invoice against consumption metrics, they have the ability to do so. Less time spent on billing support means more time for other business items.


Usage Details February Window


Supports Multiple Payment Types

Besides invoicing customers for a post-pay model, AirSembly also supports credit cards for both pre-pay and post-pay models. Multiple payment gateways are also supported.


Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.29.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.41.06 PM


Billing Simplified

Billing for existing customers becomes much easier and faster using AirSembly, as does onboarding new customers as they sign up.  Our billing and chargeback capabilities also help providers to deliver outstanding customer service by providing transparency into usage, and delivering accurate invoices.

For the provider there is reduced complexity, easy access to consumption metrics, and an easy way to invoice customers for their products and services.

Selling Through the Channel?

Billing and chargeback, consumption metrics, invoicing and payment options are all available to channel partners as part of the platform. Not only do they not have to pay for their own billing system, the fact that it’s included in AirSembly makes onboarding new channel partners a much faster, easier process.

End-to-End Cloud Management

AirSembly truly does deliver for cloud service providers from start to finish.  From product creation, to selling, to provisioning, invoicing and payment processing, AirSembly enables the full business process.

If you’d like to talk to us about simplifying your billing process, or about how to deliver your cloud to customers more quickly and efficiently, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact us today and let’s get started.


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