For many clients the cloud still presents some unknowns. Cloud service providers work diligently to dispel the concerns associated with the cloud, but it’s not always an easy task. One of the biggest of these concerns revolves around lack of control, which has a couple of key aspects to it.

First, the client is moving their on-premise infrastructure into the environment of their chosen cloud provider. Second, the cloud represents a black box, and items like performance data that were once readily available are now in someone else’s hands with no quick access. So not only do clients not own the physical datacenter, their business data appears to be obscured behind some curtain. Cue the Wizard of Oz imagery!




It’s Still Business As Usual

The truth regarding control often goes unrealized until after the move. The client’s business hasn’t “moved” even though they don’t own the physical assets on which it runs. For the most part it’s business as usual, and there’s also a good chance that their infrastructure is now faster, more reliable and more secure than it was before.

However, depending on the provider it may not be so easy to access data for their cloud environment, and those who are more knowledgeable may want management capabilities. This can be complicated, causing frustration for the client and the provider.

AirSembly – Pull Back the Curtain, Simplify

We often focus our posts on the benefits of AirSembly for the cloud provider, but it’s also a great platform for their clients too. The client level of AirSembly offers a number features that offer a full view into the cloud environment, while also providing some resource management capabilities (if desired).


When first logging in, the client will see a dashboard which presents an overview of their infrastructure, resources ordered, total daily charges and forecasted charges. Relevant business data is immediately available.


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.27.44 AM


They also have access to performance metrics – usage, memory, speed and more. Whether they want to watch for issues or simply monitor performance and resource consumption, metrics are readily available.




Clicking on the My Cloud button displays the list of services (e.g. virtual machines) clients have available to deploy. Everything they need to view their consumption, costs, and available resources is right here.




Self-Serve Marketplace

If more resources are needed, clients can access the self-serve marketplace from the My Cloud UI. They can order products and services any time. The provider’s cloud is open for business 24 hours a day, and clients don’t have to worry about exhausting resources while waiting for the order process to be completed, thanks to automated provisioning.




Clients can also perform some management functions. Some of the tasks available include configuring or reconfiguring vDCs, VMs, networks and firewalls, cloning VMs, stopping and starting services, and taking snapshots. AirSembly makes it easy to perform these tasks through it’s intuitive UI, eliminating frustration for the client and provider.





Benefits for the Cloud Provider

AirSembly pulls back the curtain and gives the client ordering and resource management capbilities, performance metrics and billing data – all offered at the client level of the platform. Not only does this make the move to the cloud less stressful, it’s increases satisfaction, which can help with long-term client retention.

For the provider these features reduce the support requests received by their IT team. This means less time spent on day to day client management and more time for other business priorities.

New to AirSembly?

If you’re not already an AirVM service provider partner, we invite you to contact us today.  Let’s discuss your VMware cloud business and look at how AirSembly can deliver for your clients and your organization.



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