When we refer to our customers at AirVM, we use the word partner.  It speaks more directly to how we approach what we do, and it reminds us that we are invested in the success of our service provider partners.

Continuing to evolve AirSembly is a big part of that partnership, and we often talk to service providers about what works well, why feature X or Y would be helpful, and so on. Our partners have helped shape AirSembly into the business management platform we offer today, and AirSembly 2.1 is no exception.

Here are some of the key features in this latest update.

For vCenter

vCenter import (with folder support) – The process of importing virtual machines from vCenter is now even faster, and we’ve introduced the ability to organize vCenter information into folders. Many of our partners are running vCenter environments, and this should not only save time, but also free up your IT team to focus on other priorities.

Renaming VMs for vCenter on deployment – Upon ordering a virtual machine you can now assign it a name in the Configure Your Product window. This allows you to give VMs names that make them easier to organize and identify.

Redeploy vShield Edge – You can choose to redeploy a vShield Edge for vCenter.  Our provider partners can enable or disable this functionality globally at the provider level. If enabled, clients will be able to use this feature to redeploy a vShield Edge themselves. This offers our provider partners additional flexibility, and if enabled is another way to reduce support requests coming from clients.

For vCloud Director

HTML5 console support for vCloud Director – You can now access the console from more devices and more browsers. This makes it easier for our partners to work when and where they need to. Not only does this enhance the ease of use of AirSembly, but it means improved response time for issues or requests.

For the Platform

Adding a flat fee cost to resources – Providers can now set a flat fee for resources via the Product Blueprint Configure window.  This gives our partners another pricing option for their cloud products.

More to Come

Every update to AirSembly is meant to make it easier for our partners to resell and manage their cloud services. When paired with their VMware products, AirSembly makes the business of selling cloud efficient, scalable and highly flexible.

Let’s Talk!

If you’re not already an AirVM service provider partner, we invite you to contact us today.  Let’s discuss your VMware cloud business and look at how AirSembly can deliver for your customers and your organization.




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