As a cloud service provider, how you resell your cloud services today may not be the same as it was six months ago, and it may change again in the future. With more enterprises turning to the cloud, the possibility of a change in your business model becomes more likely – whether it’s due to customer demand, a shift in technology, or perhaps your own desire to expand. 

The possibility of a change is less important than being ready for change should the time come. Businesses evolve over time, and the more flexible and responsive your cloud business is, the easier it will be to do things a little differently when you want to, or when the market demands it.

Interesting Times

It’s an interesting time for cloud service providers. The shift to the cloud is picking up speed and MSPs are stepping up to meet demand, which brings increased competition. The right mix of expertise and ability to deliver cloud services to customers makes all the difference in the success of your business. It’s also important to consider how you will scale to expand your offerings, reach new markets, or both. 

AirSembly – For Now and for the Future

AirSembly is designed to support any go-to-market model you wish to use. It easily adapts to your current business model, and is flexible enough to change with you as you grow.

If you are selling directly to end customers you can use AirSembly to help shorten your sales cycle and deliver services to your customers faster. Self-serve functionality offers customers the opportunity to order new services on-demand, and automated provisioning lets you deliver those services without additional effort. You can offer a higher level of customer service without higher operational costs. 

If you prefer to sell through channel partners they can also benefit from AirSembly’s self-serve functionality and automated provisioning, plus a white-labelled platform and storefront which they can brand in very little time. This lets channel partners retain ownership of their customers and provides a consistent experience for the end customer – something that’s very important to both.

You Don’t Have to Choose

You can also employ a mix of strategies. Perhaps you’ve established your cloud business by selling direct to customers in your “home” geographic region and wish to continue that model, but you’ve decided that expanding to new geographies would be easier and faster by setting up channel partners. AirSembly lets you do both without any disruption to your operations, or those of your channel partners.

There is a separate portal for each level in the channel, and AirSembly also includes a fully integrated billing system that makes it even easier for channel partners to begin doing business with you.

Regardless of how you resell your cloud services, AirSembly provides a platform that enables growth without adding operational costs.

Ready to Know More?

The ability to choose your go to market model is just one feature of AirVM’s complete cloud management platform for vCloud Air Network service providers. If you’re not already one of our service provider partners, we invite you to contact us to learn more. Let’s discuss your cloud business to see if AirSembly can make a difference for you. 


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