Our service provider partners, while all somewhat unique in their individual business models, also share many similarities. Offering of white glove service to customers is easily the most common of those. Excellent customer service can be a big contributor to success, but there are also challenges associated with a high-touch business model.

We thought it might be helpful to review a use case dealing with white glove service to highlight how AirSembly can help deliver outstanding service and ease the demand on business operations.

The scenario below is written from the provider’s perspective, and is based on the most common items we hear from our current and future partners.

Scenario – The White Glove Account

We are a cloud service provider that handles almost everything for our customer.  They prefer to buy a block of resources and receive a monthly bill.  We also bill them for their OS, bandwidth usage, backup and maintenance.  

We need to track usage for each item and bill our customer monthly. We don’t offer credit card payments, so we need to know when an invoice has been paid and provide payment confirmation to the customer.

Our customer needs access to the portal but only for limited use. They have an onsite IT person who needs to be able to start and stop VMs, and to have a view into the VM console.

Our sales team handles orders, creates customer accounts and sends quotes for approval. The operations team executes on the approved orders and provisions new services.  We really need to find a way to save some time.

We would also like the customer portal to look as much like our website as possible. We want our customer to see our logo and company colours when they log in.

Provider Requirements Summary and the AirSembly Solution

1. Track consumption and produce a monthly invoice.

AirSembly provides a full view into consumption metrics at the customer level. If you sell through the channel these metrics are also available at the distributor and reseller level. Consumption metrics feed back into the platform’s fully integrated billing system for easy invoicing.

If you already have a billing system, the consumption data can be fed into your existing system to generate invoices.

AirSembly supports billing for VMware services plus any other products and services you offer.  We call this XaaS, or anything-as-a-service support. The XaaS products in this use case are the OS, bandwidth usage, backup and maintenance.  

Note that AirSembly also supports billing for products priced with a flat monthly fee rather than being consumption-based. 

2. Transparency for the customer.

Just as AirSembly provides you a full view of consumption, your customers can also benefit from the same.  Each client has a management dashboard that shows resource consumption. They can also see their activity, usage and billing history.

3. Limited portal access for the customer.

Providers can set permission levels in AirSembly to manage access for their customers. Regardless of access type customers can always see activity, usage and billing history.   

4. Save time in the ordering and provisioning process.

A big advantage of AirSembly is the automatic provisioning of VMware services.  Once ordered, services are automatically provisioned, saving hours of time for operations, and delivering new services to customers within minutes.

Sales no longer needs to hand off orders to operations for provisioning.  Once they process the order the provisioning process starts automatically. Your operations team can focus on other business critical priorities.

5. Brand the customer portal.

AirSembly offers a fully white-labelled platform for providers and their channel partners. It’s very easy to add your logo, company colours and branding to the UI.  

We think it’s important that you be able to represent your business to your customers, and for your customers to know they are dealing with you even when working in AirSembly. 


White glove service is an important part of the service provider business. It can help build new relationships and retain existing customers. 

AirSembly can help you deliver the same white glove service in a way that is less resource intensive. Deliver new services to customers more quickly with less effort. AirSembly saves time for all teams involved in the ordering and provisioning of new services. 

New to AirSembly?

If  you’d like to hear more about how AirSembly can help you deliver white glove service with less effort, then we encourage you to contact us today.  A member of our team will be in touch to learn more about your business, and to see if AirSembly can help increase your operational efficiency.

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