In recent blog posts we’ve reviewed AirSembly’s marketplace storefront, and its billing and chargeback capabilities. Today we’d like to focus on automation and provisioning – the third and final core component of AirSembly. Automation and provisioning completes the sales and order process by quickly bringing newly-ordered cloud services online.

Be Faster and More Efficient with Less Effort

Once a customer orders your cloud services through the marketplace, and the billing is set up, provisioning is the final step. Many providers do this manually, with the process taking 4-6 days, or perhaps longer. This process can often involve sales, IT, support and finance – adding operational costs each time a new service is provisioned.

With AirSembly provisioning for VMware services is fully automated.  New services are live in minutes. Whether ordered by your customer through the self-serve portal, or completed by a member of your sales team, once an order is finalized provisioning begins automatically.

This shortens order fulfillment times, reduces operational costs, and gains you additional billing days.  Our partners have found they can begin billing customers up to 60% sooner for new services. 

Integration with VMware

AirSembly has a deep integration with vCloud Director, vCenter, VCNS and vCloud Air; making them easy to manage through a single pane of glass. This added efficiency frees up your VMware experts for other critical priorities.


AirSembly Provider Dashboard


The Impact on Customer Service

Self-service and automated provisioning also bring a new dimension to your customer service. Suddenly white glove service doesn’t involve a lot of heavy lifting. Self-service translates to better service because customers get what they need faster than ever before.

Once services are live, customers can also self-manage their VMware services through AirSembly, saving your team from dealing with minor support requests.  


Client Management UI


Three into One

The three core components of AirSembly could each be standalone products, but combined they are your complete cloud management platform. From ordering, to billing, to bringing new services online faster, AirSembly supports your cloud business and allows you to scale without the need for increased operational costs.

Find Out for Yourself

If you’re not already using AirSembly then we invite you to contact us to find out more.  We’d be happy to talk with you about your cloud business and see if we can partner together to bring your cloud services to market faster and more efficiently.


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