In last week’s post we looked at the first of AirSembly’s three main components – the marketplace storefront. Designed to help you sell your VMware cloud services, and any additional services you offer, the marketplace storefront offers the flexibility to sell the products and services your customers want and need.

Whether you sell direct to end customers, or go to market through channel partners, payment for consumption of products and services is a necessary part of your business, and it can also be your biggest challenge. Your billing system and financial process are critical to your success.

Lots of moving parts.

To invoice customers accurately you need an accurate view of services consumed.  You also must offer multiple payment options, and if your business is international you have different currencies to deal with. Finally, you have to collect taxes on each transaction.  Thankfully AirSembly can support all of this for you.

AirSembly includes full billing and chargeback system, designed to easily integrate into and support the financial side of your business.

Usage Reporting

You have a full view into consumption metrics, which then feeds nicely back into the billing system to ensure accurate invoicing.


Usage Reports in AirSembly



Detailed usage history


Your channel partners can also use the billing system, saving them from having to spend money on their own system. It makes it easier to do business with you and new channel partners can be up and running more quickly too.

Conduct business anywhere.

Expand your reach. Go from local or regional to national or international – it’s up to you. AirSembly makes it possible to expand your presence by supporting multiple currencies and tax jurisdictions. 


Tax Add Option in AirSembly


AirSembly also supports contracts and multiple languages to accommodate your customers regardless of geographic location.


Contract Modify Screen in AirSembly


Support Multiple Payment Types

Pre-pay with credit card or post-pay via invoicing, AirSembly support both models.


Billing Options in AirSembly


Multiple payment gateways are supported to make it easier for you or your channel partners to process credit card payments.


Credit card payment settings


Have your own billing system?

If you already have a billing system, you can feed AirSembly’s metrics and metering into your existing finance process. Integration is quick and easy, and no changes to your current process is required.

There’s more to AirSembly.

AirSembly’s billing and chargeback functionality is just one part our complete cloud management platform for service providers. In our next post we’ll discuss the platform’s automation and provisioning capabilities and what they mean to your cloud business.

If you’d like to talk to us about any or all components of AirSembly and how they can help grow your cloud business, contact us today.


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