AirSembly consists of three core components – a marketplace storefront, billing and chargeback, and automation and provisioning. Together they help cloud service providers resell their cloud, manage their business, and deliver outstanding service to customers, all from one single pane of glass.

We often talk about AirSembly as a whole, and with good reason, but it’s worth looking at these three core components individually. Each one delivers its own unique value to cloud service providers.

Let’s begin with the marketplace storefront – the ecommerce component of AirSembly.

You’re in business to sell.

Designed to help you sell your VMware cloud services and any additional services you offer, the marketplace storefront offers the flexibility to sell the products and services your customers want and need. Sell in any increment – direct to customer or through channel partners.

Simply create your products, define your parameters and pricing, choose your billing model, and go. AirSembly makes it easy to expand or change your product catalog as your cloud business grows, or as customer needs change over time.


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Ease of Use

Successful ecommerce stores make it easy for customers to quickly find products and services. AirSembly makes this possible with filters and tagging features; allowing you to organize your products into categories.


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It’s not just how you organize products that matters, your customers need confirmation that they’ve selected the right product. AirSembly can help you here too – allowing for expanded product descriptions. Provide customers all the information they need before making a final selection.


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Create Value with Bundles

AirSembly’s XaaS (anything as a service) feature gives you the ability to sell your own products and services along with your VMware offerings. You may find that many customers are unsure of what they need when transitioning to the cloud, so this presents a great opportunity to create value-added bundles that offer everything in one package.

Some examples of XaaS include Disaster Recovery as a Service, Backup as a Service and professional services such as onboarding support.

Your Marketplace is always open.

AirSemby’s self-serve feature lets customers order cloud services on-demand, bringing a new level of efficiency to your sales process. Your VMware and XaaS services are in the storefront for customers to order at any time.

Your sales team may also place an order on their behalf. The platform also supports quotes, so you can send a quote to your customer for approval before the order is processed.

Sell Anywhere

Thinking about opening up new markets? Local or international – AirSembly makes it possible to expand to wherever you want to go. We support multiple currencies, tax jurisdictions, payment options, and even contracts so you can meet virtually any customer requirement.

There’s more to AirSembly

AirSembly’s marketplace storefront is just one part our complete cloud management platform for service providers. In our next post we’ll discuss the platform’s billing and chargeback capabilities and what they mean to your cloud business.

If you’d like to talk to us about any or all components of AirSembly and how they can help grow your cloud business, contact us today.


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