In our last blog post we looked at some of the ways AirSembly can impact your cloud services business. To recap, a cloud management platform like AirSembly only succeeds if it positively impact your revenues – both top line (increased revenue) and bottom line (money saved/revenue you keep).

We discussed top line revenue last time, so let’s focus on how AirSembly can help your bottom line – letting you keep more of the revenue you earn.

New platform, less work.

With AirSembly you don’t need additional staff to support the platform, and in fact your team will spend less time on VMware based support.

Automated provisioning eliminates the traditional, manual process – reducing order fulfillment times from days down to mere minutes. When customers order a new service, the automation takes care of the provisioning for even custom configurations.

Of particular value is the platform integration with billing and chargeback capabilities. Because billing is integrated with automation, the required work by your staff is reduced even further. No more back and forth between sales, billing, support and IT while a new order is being set up.

Let customers do it.

AirSembly offers a self-serve portal for customers to order new services on-demand. Each self-serve order brings with it significant operational savings.

Self-serve orders require very little involvement from your staff – increasing your margins and, as an added benefit, improving customer service. In a previous post we wrote about the how self-serve can actually improve customer service.

Finally, customers can also self-manage, further reducing support costs. Your team will have more time for high priority IT-related business items.

Reallocate important resources.

Here’s an example of an operational cost savings model. As with our example in our last post, we understand that numbers and costs vary.

If the cost of an IT person is $100k/year:

  • Assuming 15% of their time is spent on VMware change management and support
  • And another 50% of their time is for manual provisioning of VDCs and VMs.
  • Their total VMware related time is 65%, or $65k of their salary.
  • AirSembly eliminates provisioning time, as well as all but 5% of their time for change management.
  • 60% of their time, or $60k in salary, can be reallocated to other priorities.



AirSembly reduces sales, support and IT workloads, letting you keep more of the revenue you earn as you grow.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about how AirSembly can add to your revenues, let us know! We’d love to learn more about your cloud business and discuss how we can partner together.


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