In previous blog posts we’ve touched on the overall benefits of our cloud management platform, AirSembly. No matter which features and benefits capture your attention, the platform only succeeds if it positively impact your revenues – both top line (increased revenue) and bottom line (money saved/revenue you keep).

At AirVM we believe, and have proven through working with our partners, that growth in your top line doesn’t have to come with increased operational costs that can negatively impact your bottom line.

Let’s start at the top

In today’s post it’s your top line revenue that’s in focus. With AirSembly in place increased revenue can happen a number of ways, but there is one that is consistent with all of our partners – gaining additional billing days on new services ordered.

With AirSembly’s automated provisioning, you can begin billing customers up to 60% sooner for new services.

Our partners tell us the traditional sales and order fulfillment cycle for cloud services can take anywhere from 4-6 business days. With AirSembly’s automated provisioning the entire cycle can be reduced to about two days, and possibly less. You gain billing days on every order.

Here’s an example that you can use as a guide to estimate your own revenue gains. The average cost per VM used in this model is based on discussions with industry colleagues, but we understand that costs vary.

If it takes 5 days for the buying process and order fulfilment cycle today…

  • sales engagement
  • order placement
  • billing set up
  • provisioning of services
  • turn services on

…AirSembly reduces that to just two days. You gain 3 billing days for every VM ordered.

The numbers:

  • Average revenue per VM – $6.16/day (assuming an average VM MSRP of $185/mth)
  • 3 billing days gained per VM ordered when using AirSembly
  • If you create 5 new VMs per day, you gain an extra 15 billing days, each day
  • 15 billing days x $6.16/VM/day = $92.40/day




Once your customer makes the final purchase decision and the order is entered, provisioning and billing is done within minutes.

Note that with our self-serve portal, customers can order services on-demand – not only gaining you those additional billing days but also an excellent way to add incremental revenue to existing agreements.

Create value-added bundles with XaaS

The revenue opportunities with AirSembly extend even further. Use our XaaS features to sell your own products along with your VMware offerings. XaaS presents you with a great opportunity to use your expertise to put together value-added bundles that offer customers most or all of what they need in one package.

Don’t forget channel partners!

Scaling through the channel is an excellent way to increase your top line revenue. Approximately 80% of all cloud services are currently sold through channel partners. Reach new customers and markets faster, increasing your revenue in the process.

There you have it!  In our next post we’ll discuss how AirSembly lets you keep more of the revenue you earn.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about how AirSembly can add to your revenues, let us know! We’d love to learn more about your cloud business and discuss how we can partner together.


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