The first half of 2015 is over! The days and weeks seem to pass quickly here, so before we get too far into the second half of the year we wanted to share some AirVM highlights from the first six months.

“Welcome to AirVM”

This was an often-heard phrase in the first half of the year. To date, thirty new team members have joined AirVM. We’ve hired in virtually every department, and we’re now moving into new offices after outgrowing our current ones.

What does all this growth mean for partners? In EMEA we’re building an experienced and very partner-focused team who are already making great strides with new and current partners. Our team in the Americas has been growing too; working closely with partners to help them deliver cloud services faster and more efficiently.

As we continue to add partners globally we’ve been adding to our partner success team too. We have a high-energy, dedicated team who are there to ensure your success with AirSembly.

Speaking of AirSembly…

Our development team (which has also grown!) continues to releases updates on a monthly basis. This allows us to keep evolving the platform, in large part through working directly with partners on needed features. Dozens of new enhancements have been released; from platform (new payment gateways and support for contracts) to vCloud Director features based on partner use cases.

Fun Facts

Our development team knows how to get it done! So far in 2015…

  • 141 lines of code written per person, per day
  • That equates to more than 240,000 new lines of code through the first half of the year

So where does our dev team get their energy?  They’ve consumed…

  • 1,440 pizza slices
  • 1,540 cups of coffee
  • 616 energy drinks (by ONE of our developers)
  • 1,568 cans of soda
  • 924 litres of water

The non-developers need energy too.

  • Number of meatballs consumed at our local pub (they’re really good!) – 245
  • We practically have our neighborhood pizza place on retainer

Our company is very serious about table tennis (ping pong).

  • Approximately 15,000 minutes, or 10.42 days of ping pong played
  • One corporate ping pong tournament – winners get their names on this shiny trophy



We also golf.

  • 9 consecutive Fridays of early morning tee times, which doesn’t sound like much, but winters at HQ mean we can’t golf until May
  • (Conservative) average of 2 golf balls lost per person, per round

We have fun, but we get the job done! 

  • Over 22,000 dev hours worked, or 9 months worth of work in the first half of the year
  • Dozens of active partner trials on 5 continents
  • Shortest tier 1 customer deployment: accomplished in less than 12 hours (includes install and training)
  • We’re approaching 200,000 miles travelled to meet with partners and colleagues, and to attend events

We can’t forget…

  • 1 baby boy was born into the AirVM family, equating to 300 hours of lost sleep for our VP of Business Development

A quick look forward.

Before we close on our recap, here are a few things to look forward to in the second half of the year

  • We’re a sponsor at both VMworld 2015 events in San Francisco and Barcelona
  • Support for vCloud Air and vCloud Director 8.0
  • A new, responsive and easy-to-navigate AirSembly UI

We love what we do.

Thank you for a great first half of 2015! We are grateful for our partners and colleagues, and we look forward to working with you in the remaining months of 2015 and beyond. We invite you to keep up with our latest developments through LinkedIn, Twitter, here on our blog, or through our monthly newsletter.


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