In our last blog post we looked at how to create product blueprints in AirSembly – the starting point for your cloud services marketplace. Now that we’ve looked at setting up your cloud marketplace, we thought it would be helpful to show you how AirSembly can help make it even easier for selling cloud services.

Bundling your services

Potential customers are looking for the right combination of expertise, services and value when choosing a cloud provider. Creating a well thought out, value-added bundle of services for your customers makes it easier for them to do business with you; and it also showcases your company’s expertise and range of services.

Think about it this way – providing new customers with a plan to easily make the transition to hybrid cloud using based the right combination of your services establishes you as both knowledgeable and professional.

AirSembly makes it possible to take the value added services you have in your portfolio now and bundle them in with your VMware based products through our XaaS feature. Create offerings that are unique to your company and that help set you apart from potential competitors.


This is an extension of the XaaS discussion. To paraphrase an often-used cliche “no two customers are alike.”  Even the best-possible cloud services offering aren’t immune to customization requests. Business needs are unique, and your ability to be flexible matters.

XaaS offers this flexibility –  balancing your ability to meet customer requirements with doing the right thing for your business.

When considering customization of products and services, see if there is a potential to offer the customized product to a wider market. Repeatability turns a one-off custom request into a new value-added offering within your portfolio

Pricing For Services – Monthly vs. Hourly

Monthly pricing keeps things simple and makes doing business easy. Your customer has an easier time reconciling budgets with their finance department; which also makes it easier to get contract approval.

AirVM has you covered by supporting both monthly and hourly pricing models so you can meet the needs and preferences of your customers.

Billing Terms – Monthly vs. Pay-as-you-go

Both billing models have their merits, so as a cloud service provider having the ability to offer both gives you an edge as you work to acquire and retain customers to create a successful business.

For some customers offering monthly billing/invoicing options often fits much easier with how they normally pay business expenses. On the other hand some prefer to pay as needed so they can choose how much budget to dedicate to cloud services before consumption.

International presence?

While we’re on the subject of billing, if you have an international presence then it’s to your benefit to support multiple currencies and payment gateways.

It’s no surprise that customers prefer to deal in their home currency, and by also supporting multiple payment gateways you make it easier for your customers to get payment to you. AirSembly has you covered out of the gate here too.

Make it easy!

We all like working with a business that makes it easier for us to do business with our own partners. By providing clear, simple options for your customers, many of whom are very new to the cloud, you establish yourself as a strong, trustworthy partner and cloud services expert.

AirVM can help

AirSembly gives cloud providers a complete cloud management platform – one that makes it easy to follow the best practices discussed in this post. Contact us today to find out how we can partner together to make it easier for you to give your customers the best business experience possible.


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