AirSembly is known as a portal for cloud providers seeking to unlock the features in vCloud Director and vCenter; but customers are also finding out it’s an entire platform designed to help them expand their cloud business. The software offers a great deal of flexibility to support different products and services so providers can bundle and sell any way they choose.

Perhaps nowhere is this flexibility more evident than with your product blueprints – the starting point for setting up your cloud marketplace.  Product blueprints are used by providers, distributors and partners to create products for client use. It’s here that you create products and pricing.

If you are using a multi-channel sales model then the pricing you set is what your distributors or resellers pay, and they in turn will build a product using that blueprint, adjusting the price (i.e. adding margin) for the end customer.  If you are selling direct then the pricing you choose is what the end customer pays.

Blueprints also specify the datacenter from which resources are allocated and define the type of billing associated with them. You can also choose to create a product for a specific channel partner, or make it available to everyone to consume.  Product blueprints support the creation of vCenter, vCloud Director, and XaaS products. You may also bundle XaaS items with your other VMware offerings to create a wide variety of services and packages for your clients to consume.

Getting Started

After logging in to AirSembly, you can access your product blueprints from the Admin section in the menu bar.

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If you’ve created products previously you will see a list of them here.  If not, or if you’re creating a new product blueprint, simply click “Add” to get started.

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All products must be assigned to a datacenter, which you can select from the dropdown menu.

On the next screen you’ll create the basic settings for the product – name, base price, currency and a product description.  You can also set the product privacy – either public (available to all customers) or private (for a single customer or a specific channel partner).

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You also have the choice of selecting the product type – Virtual Datacenter, Virtual Machine or XaaS.  Virtual Machine products are your vCenter products, Virtual datacenter products are your vCloud director products.   For vCD, three billing allocation models are supported: reservation, pay-as-you-go and allocation pool.   XaaS, or “anything” as a service, allows you to include your own products or services in AirSembly.

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The product blueprint includes configuration parameters and unit pricing for Reserve compute, CPU Cores, RAM and multiple different tiers of storage. The AirSembly distributor and reseller portals allow you to create and price a branded virtual datacenter service based on the product blueprint.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.56.38 PM

A note on pricing – the amount you enter when configuring resources is an hourly charge. Partners have the choice when creating products to use Hourly or Monthly charges. The monthly total will be calculated from the hourly price listed. Additionally, our XaaS items have an added billing option: one-time fee. This is great for offering not only physical items such as phones or badges but also services such as installation fees.

After you have configured all of your resource ranges and pricing you can now set your product blueprint to Active. This will release the blueprint to your Distributors. If your blueprint is Public you are done. If it is set to Private you will need to go to the Associated Distributors tab and select the Distributors that will have access to the blueprint.

We hope this post is helpful for you.  Next time around we’ll look at how to take the product blueprints and turn them into best practices for selling your cloud services.

New to AirVM?

If you’re looking for a platform that can help you unlock new sources of cloud services revenue and save you costs on your operations, then we invite to you contact us to talk about AirSembly. We look forward to speaking with you!


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