vCloud Director 8.0 is now in beta, and like 5.6 before it you will need a portal to unlock the features not available through the UI.  VMware is bringing some great enhancements to service providers with this next release, and are very focused on usability, efficiency and compatibility with other VMware products.

If you are already using vCloud Director you know that the only way to access the new features is with a portal.   If you are currently a vCenter user considering the move to vCloud Director, you will need a portal as noted above.

AirVM has a deep integration with VMware, and we’ve been the vendor of choice for cloud providers who are looking for a vCD GUI.  We supported vCD 5.6 at the time of release, and will do the same for 8.0.

We consider it top priority to be ready so you can unlock all that vCloud Director 8.0 has to offer the moment it is available.

In case you missed it, key features announced for 8.0 include:

  • vSphere 6.0 and NSX 6.1 compatibility
  • Virtual Data Center (VDC) templates for self service enablement of OnDemand infrastructure
  • vApp enhancements for better usability.
  • VM limits and throttling to drive better operational efficiency and minimize noisy neighbor issues in multi-tenant environments
  • OAuth support in authentication providers
  • Better provisioning and automation support with a new vRealize Orchestrator Plugin

More than “just” a portal!

AirVM’s features extend way beyond that of a GUI for vCloud Director. Within our AirSembly software is the ability expand the reach of your cloud business without having to incur new IT costs. In other words you can make money selling your cloud services and save money at the same time.

AirSembly also makes you market-ready as VMware rolls out new services through vCloud Director.

Discover why so many cloud service providers choose AirVM as their marketplace partner.

  • Your customers can order cloud services on-demand with our self-serve portal. Automated provisioning shortens order fulfillment times to minutes.
  • Growth in your cloud business doesn’t have to mean additional operational expenses. No additional staff are required to support ordering, provisioning and billing.
  • Go-to-market your way. Sell direct, or scale through partners with a white labeled storefront and multiple billing options.

Now is the time to talk to us about how we can help you be ready for vCloud Director 8.0. Contact us today and let’s talk about your cloud business!

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