Whether you’re a new cloud provider, or an existing MSP expanding into the hybrid cloud market, you may consider employing a channel strategy as you go to market. Building a cloud services channel takes time, and if you’re just starting out it may seem daunting, but success means your services get to market more quickly.

Each channel partner brings experience, skills and a market presence that helps you reach new customers. Local or regional partners are able to engage customers face to face, which helps to deliver exceptional service. 

For those already using the channel, it can be difficult to strike the right balance between engaging with existing partners and taking on new ones. However you decide to proceed, you’ll want to make sure new and current partners are at their most effective.

Current Partners

How can you make them more successful?

They may want to expand their business, but lack the resources to support the increase in activity.  Increased operational expenses can come with adding new customers, and most businesses are reluctant to incur new expenses unless they are sure of a return.

New Partners

How can you help new partners ramp up their business?

New partners require a smooth process as they ramp up – especially when onboarding new customers.  Assume they will introduce your services to some of their current customers, and make sure delivery of your services is easy. 

Keys to Partner Success, and How AirSembly can Help

As the top level business provider it’s important for you to be a strong partner. It sets the tone for a long and productive relationship.

At AirVM, it’s our mission to be a strong partner for you, and to provide tools that benefit you and your channel. Here are three key elements to enable your partners to be successful, and how our AirSembly software can help with each one.


This one is probably not a surprise. Every partner wants to retain ownership over their customers.

With AirSembly you can offer them a white-labelled portal and storefront, which they can easily skin with their own branding in very little time. This lets them retain ownership of their customers and provides a consistent experience for their customers – an additional and important benefit!


As important as branding is, your partners will want to make your service offering more relevant to their customers.  AirSembly gives partners the ability add their own services to your existing catalog, and set pricing, billing and payment methods.  This gives partners flexibility and lets them build new lines of business, which provides them and you additional revenue.

Customer Service

Delivering exceptional customer service is something that sets your entire channel up for success. AirSembly helps increase customer satisfaction by reducing order fulfilment times to mere minutes with our self-serve portal and automated provisioning.  Customers can order new services without any involvement from a partner, and once ordered, the services are automatically provisioned.

Knowledgeable customers can adapt their business to changing conditions on demand, or in the case of customers who prefer some assistance, your existing staff can place the order just as quickly and let the automation do the rest!

What does AirSembly mean for you?

The benefits of AirSembly resonate all the way down your channel.  By providing the software to your partners, you are providing exceptional customer service, and also benefiting from the reduced order fulfilment times made possible by AirSembly’s self serve portal and automated provisioning.

Ultimately you are giving partners a tool that helps them be more efficient – generating new business without adding operational costs.

Want to learn more?

If you think AirSembly can help you empower your channel to be more effective, or if you are considering a channel strategy then we encourage you to get in touch.  We’d love to talk with you, learn more about your business and discuss how we can work together. Contact us today!



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