“Single pane of glass” is a term we hear often in our industry; in fact TechTarget recently featured the term as its word of the day. They define it as a management console that integrates data from multiple sources into a unified display.” The glass in this case is a computer monitor or mobile device screen.

Both Visual and Functional

As it relates to software, the single pane of glass can be thought of as having two components. The first is informational, a dashboard in other words. The UI should present the big picture with just a quick look at the data. For this to happen you need an accessible, easy-to-read UI, and if the user can customize the view then it’s even more useful.

The second component is functionality. You should be able to take multiple actions from within the platform.  Whether it’s managing resources, configuration changes, recovery, or otherwise, a platform needs to be able to support multiple functions to fall into the single pane of glass category.

It’s the design and the intent behind the platform that matters – to consolidate multiple data sources, and to manage those resources from the same interface. You may not be able to do everything with one tool, but the more you can do with any single tool the better off you are. We believe this is what vendors are really seeking when offering a product that fits the single pane description.

AirSembly – Our single pane of glass.

We have our own such platform here at AirVM. AirSembly is designed to help you grow your cloud services business revenue without the need for incremental operational costs.  You can sell, provision, bill for, and manage cloud services all in one place.  We support your go-to-market effort with a multi-channel business model or direct sales.

Efficiency for all users.

Whether you’re a provider, distributor, reseller or end customer, the single pane of glass experience applies.  Let’s take the provider as our first example. They can view available and used resources, and see a high level report on new customers at the distributor, reseller and client levels.

AirSembly also supports multiple business functions within the provider’s organization.  Product management can update existing products, or create new ones using product blueprints.  Finance can see the month’s billings and run financial projections.  IT can do its resource planning based off current usage views.

The provider’s channel partners can use AirSembly with equal effectiveness. Sales teams can place orders and provision new resources for clients, product management can white label, brand and price products and finance can do its billing.

Go down to the end user level and customers are able to manage and reconfigure current resources, or use the self serve portal to order and provision new products.

Not an AirVM customer?

Here at AirVM we’ve used the single pane of glass concept to create a platform that makes the business of selling cloud services more efficient, saving operational costs and shortening the time to revenue for our customers.  If you’re not yet a customer, we would love to talk with you. Get in touch with us today.


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