Recent data indicates that customers are either moving to, or planning for, a move to the hybrid cloud. Even as those numbers grow, some will remain leery about the change. And for those considering the move, they may lack knowledge to execute. In both instances service providers have a key role to play in driving adoption.

A Few Key Stats on Hybrid Cloud

  • 82 percent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy, up from 74 percent in 2014. Right Scale
  • More than 65% of enterprise IT organizations are set to commit to a hybrid model before the end of 2015. IDC
  • 68% of tech decision-makers are familiar with the concept of hybrid cloud. Of these 30% have implemented and another 37% are considering it. ZDNet

Reasons for Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Economics are the main drivers for making the shift. Customers are looking for savings in both infrastructure and operational costs – two widely acknowledged benefits of the hybrid cloud.

It’s not all about money though – customers are also looking for scale, disaster recovery, backup capabilities, and business continuity (uptime). These are all of tremendous value.

Why Your Customers Are Holding Off

Security and data protection concerns are the key blockers for non-adopters, even though there have been very few breaches in the public cloud. Concerns likely originate from a perceived lack of control that goes with cloud adoption.

Other reasons include budget constraints, legacy technology issues, and the protection of intellectual property.

The Service Provider as an Educator

You have the expertise and knowledge to meet with potential customers who haven’t made the move to the hybrid cloud, and be the catalyst in winning them over.

Consider these numbers:

  • 55% of enterprises report that a significant portion of their existing application portfolios are not in cloud, but are built with cloud-friendly architectures. Right Scale
  • 69% of executives believe training IT staff to keep pace with the implications of megatrends such as cloud, mobile, and big data will be a challenge for their organization over the next couple years. EMC

These points really frame the opportunity. There is a desire to move to the cloud, many organizations have cloud-friendly environments, but they lack knowledge and resources to do so.

Advise customers based on evidence.

You already have customers actively using your cloud services. Use cases are your most valuable asset. Customer success stories often resonate well, and lend weight to the features and benefits discussion. When you talk about current customers, show how you were able to help. It makes the hybrid cloud relatable to their own business.

Think of it another way – customer examples are business cases. Each one says that your business model works and that you can solve their business problems.

Some examples:

  • What steps have you taken to give your customers a secure environment?
  • How do you address customers who are concerned about retaining control over day-to-day management?
  • Why the economics of the hybrid cloud work for your customers.
  • How you address scale for fast-growing customers?
  • How do you help customers prepare for, and then migrate, some or all of their IT infrastructure to the cloud?

And so on.

Your customer base likely presents many other use cases that will be helpful as you advise and work to move new customers to the cloud.

The Shift is Accelerating

Customers are taking notice and looking for service providers to help them migrate to, and leverage the cloud. Once they adopt a hybrid cloud model, they’ll look for new ways to leverage it, giving you even greater business potential.

AirVM can play a part in your strategy.

The tools you provide are an important part of what customers see. AirVM can help make the shift to the hybrid cloud easier for your customers by making it easy for you to get them up and running.

Our AirSembly platform makes it incredibly simple to brand, customize, sell, provision, manage and bill for all types of cloud services. A self-service option and automated provisioning shortens the time for order fulfilment which provides an exceptional customer experience.

AirSembly is easy to use, so you can quickly educate your customers. It will quickly become a natural part of their environment.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help you. We offer a 30 day trial so you can test AirSembly for yourself.

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