VMware recently announced that Managed Service Providers can now resell vCloud Air. This gives cloud providers an opportunity to unlock additional enterprise workloads and increase revenue by offering vCloud Air to customers.

If you are considering vCloud Air for your product line, and you sell through distributors or resellers, you will need a portal to enable your sales channels.

AirVM is a VMware partner, and as announced earlier this year, we will soon be supporting vCloud Air. Our AirSembly software has become the portal of choice for providers using vCloud Director, and now is the time to talk to us about how we can help you with your vCloud Air business.

Here are some of the reasons our AirSembly software is the perfect portal to enable your cloud services business.

  • We support multi-channel sales models. We offer separate portals and functionality for distributors, resellers and end clients. Whether selling through channels, or working directly with end clients, we can support you.
  • AirSembly offers a white labelled experience. As a provider you need to have white labelling capabilities, and we make it available for all levels of your sales channel.
  • You can integrate your own products and services. If you have your own products and services available, we can make it easy to integrate ordering, selling and billing of your catalog into existing workflows.
  • We’ll help you scale with automated provisioning. Remove the manual work normally involved. Provisioning can be done in minutes, and you can begin taking orders and billing immediately. It makes for incredible customer service as orders can be fulfilled instantly.

As a cloud services provider you have a great opportunity to open up new markets by reselling vCloud Air, and if you work through multiple channels, you will need some help to adapt vCloud Air for your business model. Talk to AirVM today and see how we can help you!

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